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Business Process Management for Contracting and Management

In order to achieve the desired result of a management or contracting process requires more than just planning and execution. It also requires careful analysis and management of the interdependent business process involved in the conception, preconstruction procurement, construction closing, and commissioning of the built environment. This is why business process management (BPM) is so vital to the success of a project or a company.

BPM is an integrated systematic method of identifying ways of modeling, enhancing automating and continuously monitoring business processes. The goal is aligning the internal business activities with strategic goals. This will result in higher efficiency and increased profitability.

To achieve its purpose to accomplish its goals, the BPM lifecycle includes six phases: analyze design implement, monitor optimize, and revamp. The first phase of the cycle is to study the existing process and identify areas of improvement. The next step is the creation of the new process to meet the needs of the business using automation and standardization whenever possible. The implementation phase aims at implementing the new process model. Continuous monitoring and optimization will ensure its continued efficiency.

Construction firms waste tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on manual tasks and inefficient business processes. This happens both at the office and the job site. Automating these processes can increase visibility, increases operational responsiveness increases risk mitigation and expedites decision-making. It also helps reduce costs, boost employee morale and allow for better utilization of resources. To do this, teams should have a complete understanding of all their processes and the underlying procedures.

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