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How to Take Minutes at a Board Meeting

Taking minutes at an annual board meeting is a major responsibility which requires attention to detail. A clear and accurate record of the board’s decisions and discussions will aid in the preservation of the company’s records and protect directors from potential liability issues in the future.

You should record the date, the time and location of the meeting. This will allow future readers to identify the location and date of the meeting, and also ensure they have all necessary information for board review or legal proceedings. It is also important to know if this was a special or regular meeting.

When recording discussions and decisions do not include your own opinions or comments to the minute. This is particularly important in the case of a tense discussion. It could undermine the credibility of the minutes. Make sure you stick to the facts. Inconsistent descriptions could expose your board to risk of liability.

In addition, ensure that you note any declarations of interests from directors or anyone else who participated in the board’s decision-making process. This will ensure that future conflicts of interests from being overlooked or not noticed and increase the level of accountability for board members.

If the secretary who is the main member of the board or person who is responsible for taking minutes can’t be present, identify a substitute for these positions in advance. This will help ensure that the minutes are recorded in a fair manner and will have an identical format. This will allow the board remain on track and create accurate minutes at each meeting.

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