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What is a Virtual Dataroom?

What is a virtual space?

A virtual data room, or VDR is a safe online platform that can systematize massive amounts of data for due diligence and confidential transactions. Its unique features are designed toward the sensitive data exchanged in business transactions. It’s a great alternative to cloud-based storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive that lack the advanced security and document management capabilities needed for deal making.

Investment bankers are one of the most common users of VDRs which aid the buy- and sell-side with M&A transaction due diligence by preparing and reviewing documentation. Virtual data rooms excel in facilitating a logical and intuitive filing system for the reams of documents they deal with.

Listing a private business requires a lot of paperwork and strict compliance with federal, local and state laws and regulations. This usually leads to the requirement to share large volumes of documents with internal and external auditors regulators, adjusters and auditors across time zones and geographies Virtual data rooms can be extremely beneficial for this.

The immovable property industry that includes real estate, finance and development, typically encounters a number of document exchanges that need to take place in an efficient manner. VDRs are used to complete projects more quickly and efficiently. iDeals includes a range of features that are perfect for this industry. They include the digital archive of Room activity and a set of AI tools that can speed up the due diligence process.

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